With so many different items in our small store, you could almost call us a general store. We carry items that we feel residents of the north & east shores of Kaua'i would benefit from having close to home and available when they need them. Products that are either made 

to last or use only the highest standard ingredients are hard to find these days. because of

that we carry highest quality items we can find so you can be sure that you are getting

only the best every time you shop at Kilauea Paint & Feed Store.


Kauai's tropical climate can wreak havoc on both the exterior and interior of your home or business. At Kilauea Paint we carry Pittsburgh Paint, Cabot, White Lava, Zinsser and Smith's Epoxy. These companies produce some of the highest quality, industry leading paints, stains and coatings assuring that all areas of your building will stay protected for many years to come 


Our ever growing sundry selection includes brushes, roller handles & covers & trays, masking paper & plastics, respirators, caulk, sand paper & sponges & disks, drop cloths, adhesives, thinners, painters tape, drywall texture, rags, extension poles, spray paint, spray shields, cleaners, gloves and many other items to keep you on the job


We fill any size metal tank from 2 to 25 gallons and offer a 5% discount for purchases over 20 gallons at a time. We have 5 gallon tanks available for purchase or exchange


As the longest running Uhaul rental business on Kaua"i we know what it takes to get you in and out efficiently so you can get through your move as easily as possible. We offer a 15' moving truck, a cargo van, a long bed pickup and a 4' x 8' open trailer. We also have dollies and furniture blankets to help make your move easier

Healthy Pet Food
Modesto Milling Organic
Hendrikus Organic Fertilizer
Alkaline Ionized Water

When pets are given the best food for them, they thrive. That's why we carry 3 brands of healthy pet foods that meet the highest standards. Orijen, Acana and Solid Gold. Solid Gold has both a grain free and a w/grain choice that has pet digestion friendly grains like barley, millet & brown rice.

Our other brands, Orijen & Acana are "Biologically Appropriate" pet food and are 100% grain free. Acana is a single ingredients product for pets with allergies or are just picky. Orijen also has freeze dried food for dogs and treats for both cats and dogs. 

Modesto Milling Organic uses 99% organic or naturally mined ingredients and regularly tests for GMO's. They purchase from small farms which helps

to keep their standards high. Because of this, you will see healthier animals with longer life cycles. We buy our feed in small batches to ensure  the freshness of each bag.

Out of profound respect for the environment, Hendrikus Organic Fertilizer is made to keep your soil alive and your food and water clean. Using nature's wisdom and a lifetime of experience along with today's insights in technology, Hendrikus provides the safest and most effective organic products for gardens, turf, orchards, food production and environmental sustainability.

Our Athena Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier is similar to mineralized alkaline water that occurs organically in nature. The Athena water ionizer's water filtration system removes 99.9% of pollutants in water, assuring healthy, hydrating and alkalinizing drinking water. It uses a 9 stage Bio-stone dual filter system that produces  water of an unmatched quality. 

$1.50 per gallon

$.50 per quart

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